What is Christmas All About?

Christmas is all about God being manifested in the flesh by way of Jesus Christ. 


Since the beginning of the age and all throughout Bible history, the world had to be saved from sin. God spoke to prophets and other saints to let us know that in order to save us  He had to send His son Jesus to the earth.  Jesus was born of the virgin Mary in a little town called Bethlehem. When three wise men heard of his birth they brought him gifts and Jesus was called Emmanuel which means "God be with us".

In our celebration of today's age, we also give gifts of love to one another because God gave us the GREATEST GIFT whom is Jesus Christ!  Many people are not aware that Jesus is the reason for the season and todays culture have even tried to X Him out by saying things like "Merry Xmas" and "Happy Holidays". As Christians, it is our assignment to show the world that God is with us all the time and he will forever remain the reason for the season!!




    Holiness is Still Required 

The devil will tell you that God knows your heart and that's enough but it's not. Do not resort to living a sloppy life. Any and everything will not make it into Heaven or experience the life on earth that God desires.

Ask for discernment to know the truth because a lot of new age Christianity is not God's will and leading the church astray. Listen carefully.

To be holy is to be clean and pure - "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."




    What is Grace?

Grace is the UNDESERVED love of God. He gives us favor, benefits, chances, protection, and so much more than we can ask without us having to ask. Grace does not give us the right to do wrong. 

Let us be thankful always to God for who he is!




   The Purpose Of Our Lives


Believe it or not, we all have the same purpose in life. Often times people ask the question "what is my purpose in life?" or "I wonder what I am meant to do before I die?"

Here is the thing; our job, our ultimate goals, situations, talents, gifts; these are all pathways to fulfill the ONE purpose that we all have which is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sometimes God will snatch us away from a job, a situation, a person, or anything that we idolize so that we can re-focus on Him. 

We are not our own, we are bought with a price and paid for. No installment plans here. 

Have you ever thought that you were going to do something that you thought you were great at but ended up doing something else? Have you ever seen a person try to be like someone else but just can't do it the same way? Well that is because we all have different paths to the same destination. God blesses everyone with a different gift, talent, situation, or job so try asking Him to show you the way down your path and He will lighten it.

In all things give thanks. God doesn't care about your job title, if you have finished school, how many kids you have, or how much money you have. He cares about what you are doing on your path for the up-building of His Kingdom. 

To know God is to love God and to love God is to keep His commandments. Once and for all you should  fully love and trust Him.

Try God. 




    Jesus Is The Only Way

"The only way to what?"


The only way to Truth (He is Truth), the only way to Life and Light (He is Life), the only way to God, love, salvation, Heaven, happiness, sanity, true prosperity, life everlasting, life on earth, peace, protection, wisdom, understanding, unity, forgiveness, order, structure, holiness, being clean, purity, righteousness, financial prosperity, health and healing, perfection, freedom, redemption, the only way away from Satan .... JESUS is the only way - not Allah, Budda, 5% teachings, and other religions where Jesus is not the one and only Savior. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, His word WILL be fulfilled and He is still THE WAY.






    10 Fun Bible Facts

1. The oldest man in the Bible was 969 years old when he died and his name was Methuselah.


2. Two men in the Bible never died, they were Enoch and Elijah (Enoch was Methuselah’s Daddy).


3. The tallest man in the Bible was Goliath and he stood 9 ½ feet tall.


4. The giant, Goliath, was killed by a young boy named David with one stone.


5. The word “Christian” only appears 3 times in the Bible.


6. There is a talking donkey in the Bible.


7. There are 66 total books in the Bible and here is great way to remember::

***Remember the numbers 3 and 9

***There are 39 books in the Old Testament.

***Multiply 3 X 9 and the answer is 27

***There are 27 Books in the New Testament.

***If you add 39 and 27 and the answer is 66

***There are 66 books in the entire Bible!


8. The shortest verse in the Bible contains only 2 words.


9. The longest verse in the Bible contains 90 words. 


10. The first book of the Bible talks about a serpent tempting Eve. Then at the end of the Bible we read about that serpent again. 





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